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Estate Planning

Get Experienced, Qualified Help With Planning Your Estate And Protecting Your Assets

Do you have a plan for distributing your assets when you die? While you may not like thinking about your death, letting Corpus Christi Financial Group help you with estate planning goes a long way in providing you with confidence and your loved ones with one less thing to worry about.

Understanding the Basics of Your Estate Plan

With legacy planning, you must understand it's about more than deciding which of your relatives, friends or charitable organizations receives your most prized possessions. The right plan also makes your end-of-life desires official in case you cannot communicate those wishes with your loved ones or health care providers. For instance, if you fall into a coma, your relatives may refer to your estate plan to understand which medical procedures you desire.

Another reason to devote time and energy to your estate plan is to increase your chances of saving money on probate fees and taxes. The more money you save, the more that may go toward your beneficiaries.

Examples of Vital Documents for Your Estate Plan

If you are unfamiliar with end-of-life planning, you may not know all the documents you may create to protect your estate, possessions and heirs. Common estate plan documents include irrevocable life insurance trust, living will, durable power of attorney and health care proxy trust.

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